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Delivering Peace and Security for Retirees


You've seen a lot, but life is still beginning in many ways. You may be recently retired but need to know that you can live the lifestyle you always imagined. You know there are still critical steps to make, whether it is planning to minimize taxes or structuring your investments to withstand a market downturn. 

Developing peace of mind around retirement includes answering questions like: 

  • What is a reasonable spending level for me?
  • How can I get steady income without being sold an annuity? 
  • Are there critical tax moves to make early in my retirement? 
  • When do I take Social Security, taking into account taxes and longevity?
  •  I would like to help out with my grandchildren's education, but can I?

We have extensive experience in working with near-retirees and retirees.   If you are interested in clarifying your current situation, we’d love to meet you and lay out options and advice in line with your goals.  Mel and Steve would welcome the opportunity to serve you on your continued journey.