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Confidence for the future

Goals-Based Investment Management

Principles of Investing 


Act as a fiduciary

As fee-only fiduciary advisors, we have chosen to put our client’s interest first. It is more than a legal standard – it is how we think clients should be treated.


Low-cost alternatives

With index-like investing, you receive efficient low-cost alternatives that attempts to keep costs low and minimize taxes.


Goals-based Asset Allocation

Your investment portfolio should be integrated with your financial plan. Your investment portfolio is tied to a variety of your goals, including your cash flow needs in retirement.


Evidence-based approach

You receive a globally diversified portfolio that tilts allocations towards favorable “factors” in the market.  As we leverage Dimensional Fund Advisors and do not chase fads, you benefit from research that focuses on elements that are sensible, persistent, and robust.


Leverage technology

You receive robust reporting and access to view your accounts and asset allocation from any device.  Technology coupled with credentialed, experienced advisors leads to customized advice while maintaining low costs.


Education and Behavioral Coaching

We value our role as teacher so that you will have confidence in the long-term strategy.  To avoid the mistakes that so many do-it-yourselfers make during market volatility, you receive coaching along the journey.

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5 Big Ideas to
Investment Success 

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Mel Bond, CFA - Quotes & Philosophy 

Mel Bond

We seek to add value by building portfolios that target higher expected returns in a cost-effective manner – Dimensional Fund Advisors

We focus on what we can control – costs, dimensions of returns, and taxes when possible – Mel Bond

As much as I like the science of investing and working with client’s portfolios, I realize that it’s the client’s goals, their family, and the related financial issues that really matter to our clients – Mel Bond

October: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November, May, March, June, December, August and February - Mark Twain

Investment Strategy

Evidence-based investing
Global diversification
Tie Resources to Goals


A Foundation Built on Great Ideas

A Foundation Built on Great Ideas  

Employee Stories: Costs Matter

Perspectives on Market Volatility



Oasis Wealth has chosen Fidelity to be the trusted custodian for our clients’ assets. Fidelity is a privately held business and one of the largest custodians in the world. Our strategic relationship with Fidelity helps us further provide outstanding service to our clients.

Asset Dedication

Oasis Wealth utilizes Asset Dedication as a boutique third party asset manager to provide scale for our clients, bringing additional research, technology, and service to our clients.  They are rooted in academics but focused on practical application to meet the client’s goals.  Asset Dedication has over $500 million in assets under management.


Dimensional Fund Advisors. Dimensional is a leading global investment firm that has translated academic research to practical investment solutions since 1981. While they generally only work through select financial advisors, Dimensional has nearly $500 billion in assets under management (as of March, 2017).