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Generation X

You're busy trying to juggle family and career while keeping it all straight.  You've worked hard to get to this stage and are still climbing, but you know it is time to get more intentional about your finances and planning for life's important issues.  Life is not slowing down, but you will be ready. 

General overriding concerns for Gen X include:

  • Am I on track for retirement?
  • How do I properly balance today and tomorrow?
  • How can I reduce my heavy tax burden? Are there creative strategies that I am missing?
  • Should I accelerate my college funding?
  • How do I coordinate my employer 401(k) with my outside investment accounts, 
  • What is the optimal asset allocation for growth in a smart manner?

A Roadmap for Gen X. At Oasis, we walk alongside you because we are there as well. No matter if you have made all the right decisions or are looking to steer the ship straight, we are there to consult, encourage, and coach.   A holistic financial plan is a great first step to help address pressing issues and provide a roadmap for your future.