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Addressing a range of planning issues impacting your wealth 


Open Retainer Process 

Available throughout the year to answer your financial questions 


Advisors + Technology 

Personalized touch to address your unique needs 

We address a wide range of wealth issues that impact your family and you. Our team of credentialed financial planners cover these issues in an integrated fashion – not only for today but for life’s journey.

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Our Planning Services

Oasis provides a consultative, educational process to help you make the right financial decisions in a simplified yet integrated manner. As changes occur (to your family, career, tax rules, and the economy), we will be there to listen and to guide you.

Project Retainer

Open Retainer

A 2-3 meeting consultation, providing analysis and write-up of recommendations on integrated financial planning issues.More comprehensive financial planning services with multiple meetings and full access to our team to cover financial issues throughout the year. This is the standard approach to serving our clients.
Defined, more targeted (e.g., retirement)
More comprehensive, holistic
2-3 meetings with write-up
Full access throughout the year; multiple meetings
May include tax consulting
Tax consulting and tax preparation, if desired 
Implementation varies 
Assist with implementing ideas, as applicable
One-time, but can turn into Integrated Planning
Ongoing relationship
Varies based on scope, complexity
$3,000 - $10,000
($10,000 - $40,000 for advanced planning)


Consultative-drive process

Our consultative-driven process is built around delivering sound advice for the client and not around product sales. Because changes in your own world and changes in the external world occur frequently, our approach is to go on the journey with you and work with you over the long-term. We do this on a fiduciary basis - we have chosen to put our client’s interest first. It is more than a legal standard – it is how we think clients should be treated.

Technology to provide clarity and confidence

Personal Dashboard  

Obtain an overview of your financial world.  You can see your net worth, spending, and asset allocation in real-time from practically anywhere.

Analysis Tool

We review different scenarios on saving, spending and dates of major events in your life (college, retirement, second home, etc.), helping you understand if you are on track.  We do the analysis and provide summaries in both graphical and spreadsheet form.

Storing Documents

The “Vault” provides a secure way to stay organized by providing a way to upload important documents.

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Investment Advisory and Management

Investment Management Software

Most financial advisors look at investment management in a vacuum. We believe investment management should tie to your goals and your unique facts.

Investment Management