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Corporate executives and attorneys often receive complex benefit and compensation plans that reflect their value to the company. These may include multiple healthcare and insurance options, deferred compensation, stock options and others.  While an incredible perk, making sense of it all can be challenging and is crucial to getting the most out of what your employer is offering. 

Understanding executive compensation includes answering questions like: 

  • Am I taking full advantage of all of my executive benefits?
  • Do I have an effective strategy around timing and tax implications when exercising stock options? 
  • What role do company stock holdings play in my overall asset allocation and retirement plan?
  •  How might a potential career move impact my retirement plan or benefits?

We have extensive experience in demystifying corporate compensation plans and layering strategy into every decision.   If you are interested in clarifying your current situation we’d love to meet you and lay out options and advice in line with your goals.  Many companies see the value in a third party resource like Oasis and offer a stipend for planning advice, so it is possible this advice will come at no charge to you.