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Clarity for Today,
Confidence for Tomorrow.

Delivering Tax-Focused, Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Management

Serving clients in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville. In-Person or Virtual.

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Acting in your best interest with a servant mentality while never . receiving commissions. 



A place of peace, safety, or happiness in the midst of trouble.



In-Person or Virtual with flexible hours. Avoid traffic. Save time.



Credentialed Advisors,  
50+ Years of Experience

Detailed Financial Modeling 

and Retirement Planning

Based on your detailed cash flow and net worth projections, am I on the right track for retirement? Am I saving enough, and do I have the right asset allocation?  What is a comfortable spending amount if I retire in 5 years, or in 10 years?

Tax Planning

What key tax strategies am I missing? What can I do to reduce my taxes? What "tax buckets" should I save to and what is the most tax-efficient withdrawal strategy in retirement? When is the right time to implement Roth conversions? How do I maximize the use of itemized deductions with the change in tax laws?

Investment Management

Is low-cost, evidenced-based investing better than what I have?  Learn why asset allocation matters, and learn why a fiduciary approach may be better than commissioned-based advisors that are incentivized to sell certain product.

Goals Based 

Your goals drive the analysis and advice.

Integration of a wide range issues

Who is coordinating all of my “moving pieces”?  Do you have someone -- or, better yet -- a team that can advise you in a multi-disciplined manner?

Tailored Financial Roadmap

What do I need to do to get there?  How does this "most recent event" in my life impact my plan, and how should I adjust?

Serving Widows in Florida

Our Pathway Services are tailored for widows, bringing clarity and peace of mind.  

Pre-Retirees and Retirees

We serve Gen X to Baby Boomers and beyond, commonly serving Medical Practitioners, Executives, Engineers, and Business Owners. If you have a planning issue that needs to be addressed and value what a professional can bring, we will gladly serve you.

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Learn key steps to take in reaching your financial goals and finding financial freedom. Don't let the whirlwind of life prevent you from taking action. Download today! 

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Engage in a dialogue where we listen and learn. We present our services to help determine if there is a good match.

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Get on the road to clarity and on the path to confidence.  

Planning is a lifetime journey.  It starts today!

Services – Investment Management and Financial Planning

Investment Management Strategies

Goals-based investment management. See why we leverage Dimensional Fund Advisors.


Index-investing with a twist

Low-cost approach that lies between passive investing and active investing.


Evidenced-based investing

While staying diversified, we seek to tilt our allocations for favorable long-term returns. 


Ties to your financial plan

Your situation is unique.  Your investment management program should tie to your unique needs and evolve as your situation changes.

More on Investment Management

Tailored Financial Planning

Our financial planning and financial advisory services start with understanding your situation and developing a written list of your goals and concerns.  From there, we cover a wide range of financial planning issues in an integrated fashion. 


Retirement Planning

Whether you are already retired or planning to retire, you want to know how long you can sustain your desired level of spending and what changes need to be made.


Income Tax Planning

Consulting to spot tax-minimization opportunities by reviewing your current situation and by preparing forward-looking cash flow and tax projections


Investment Advisory

We review your current asset allocation and investment choices across all your investments and discuss any hidden fees that you may be paying.


Estate Planning

Getting clarity on your estate planning documents and beneficiary designations is critical – it is too important to ignore.


Risk Management

Having the right amount of insurance determined by an objective review will help protect your assets without overpaying for insurance that may be “sold” to you.


Life Planning

Planning is much more than just looking at numbers. Life-integrated planning involves exploring living an intentional life with the financial clutter in the rear-view mirror. 

More Planning Services

Leveraging technology for better analysis and understanding

Technology dashboard

Custom analysis

Detailed financial modeling with spreadsheets (for numbers people) and graphs (for visual people)

Personal advice 

Credentialed financial advisors leverage sophisticated planning tools to analyze your situation and make appropriate recommendations.

Real-time information.

You can see where you are in real-time on any device – mobile, laptop, computer.


Steve is a member of NAPFA, Alliance of Comprehensive Planners ("ACP"), and Garret Planning Network and holds his CFP®, CPA, and JD. Mel is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Certified Kingdom Advisor (CKA), and is a member of those organizations. Please see the Legal information on the use of the emblems and logos.  Our affiliation with these national organizations allows us to bring even more resources and knowledge to our Florida clients!